What we can do for you? Automated Deployments, Continuous Integration, Docker Cloud

Deployment and Security Consulting for Startups

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What We Do

Tumbler Lock is a DevOps consulting firm with experience in deploying infrastructure for high traffic websites built in a variety of technologies: Ruby, PHP, Python, Rails, Wordpress, Django, Postgres, MariaDB and more.

Automated Deployments

Integrating deployments with various Continuous Integration environments.

Scaleable Infrastructure

Working with self scaling, self healing, and resilient deployments.

Ephemeral Test Environments

Automated creation and destruction of new environments for testing and demos.

Technical Direction

Guidance for when, how, and why to solve problems with various available technologies.

Application Security Evaluation

Have your web application and API evaluated for security best practices.

Operational Security Evaluation

Who has access to your servers and how do you know?

How We Work

We work to understand your problems and implement stable solutions.

Test Site

An internal test site pinned to the bleeding edge of your development.

Automated Deployment

Scripted builds trigger when branches merge, releases are created, or manually.

Demonstrate Load Capacity

Knowledge of failure points and load nature is critical to scaling and deploying high demand web applications.

High Availability Education

Working with your team to build habits which ensure high availability.

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